Monday, December 17, 2007

Hunters and Collectors - Jaws of Life

Hunters & Collectors were an Australian rock band, formed in Melbourne in 1981, often referred to as "Hunnas" by their fans. They were noted for songs such as "Throw Your Arms Around Me", "Talking to a Stranger", "Holy Grail", and "Say Goodbye", and were renowned as one of the best live acts in Australia until they disbanded in 1998.

The band took its name from "Hunters & Collectors", a song by the German band Can on the album Landed. As that suggests, the original band was influenced by the Krautrock genre and the productions of Conny Plank, featuring strong percussive influences, noisy guitar, and driving bass lines. The sound was in the vein of Remain in Light, the Talking Heads album of 1980.

The band was also noted for its distinctive logo, a H & C symbol, where the "&" was twin snakes entwined around a hunting knife, a variation of the Caduceus which first featured on the Human Frailty album.

Ending up with the intensity and passion of a U2, Hunters And Collectors carved a unique path and place for themselves in Australian rock culture. The group was originally formed in post-punk 1981 in Melbourne as a collective rather than a band, an excursion into funk-rock rhythms and industrial Kraut-rock. They named themselves after a song by Can.

The group's early performances are remembered as chaotic, with audience members encouraged to join in on the banging rubbish bin lids or fire extinguishers. The extended line-up included a massed horn section known as the Horns of Contempt. Inside all this was singer Mark Seymour, with an ear for a melody and a taste for lyrical poetry.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the memories - awesome blog.

bruce said...

thank you , I'll keep the memories coming b

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce,
I bought the LP back in the nineties in an used record shop. The album cover is a bit different, I think it was made for the UK pressing. It's a kind of collage on the front side, and there's a truck rolling on roofs on the back of the sleeve.
Well, thanx again for this one,
Faithfully yours,