Friday, December 21, 2007

Blah. Blah, Blah - Wish List & Request Comments


Hank said...

Hi Bruce,
here's the Died Pretty track you were looking for:

And I also thought you might be interested in this if you don't already have it:

It's a compilation of The Stems first 2 Citadel singles, the "Love Will Grow" EP, a handful of tracks from the Violets LP and five previously unreleased tracks.

Oh, and if you have any more Paul Kelly stuff from the same period as Gossip lying around, I would be really grateful for a post!

Take care,

tricky said...

hey Bruce and Hank

I have a whole heap of Paul Kelly .. will post bits and pieces over coming days.

here is an album called Hidden Things that I really like ... especially the songs Reckless (made famous by Aussie Crawl) and Special Treatment

I also added 4 extra songs at the end:

** Khe Sanh (from recent Cold Chisel tribute album)
** Shane Warne song
** acoustic cover of Little Red Corvette (Prince)
** nice live version of Dumb Things

tricky said...


I have so much music now that it's hard to think of what I would still like.

here are a few of my requests:

The Johhny's - Buzzsaw Baby (Really Cuts Me Up)

Midnight Oil tribute album - "Power and The Passion"

12inch versions of any 80's Aussie Songs (eg Painters and Dockers, Do Re Mi, Spy V Spy, Hunters)

live/acoustic/rare Aussie stuff

** I just uploaded Paul Kelly 2-CD Live Album (Live May 1982) ... but have now lost the rapidshare link .. does anyone know how to get this again so I dont have to reupload the album?


tricky said...

did it again:

Overhere said...

Hi Bruce

Great blog - here's a couple of bands that eluded my own blog and I'd love to hear again - Custard and Crow.

Any links greatfully received

Keep up the good work and a big shout out to Mialee

tricky said...

anything by Smudge would be awesome. any early early live midnight oil. and of course, acoustic Liberation Blue series


bruce said...

Hello tricky, hank many thanks friends, this makes it easy everyone in one place, hank I have heaps of Paul kelly... coming your way, but tricky still let me know what you have..cheers,, tricky I saw some painters and dockers the other night I'll look around...but I have lots of vspy vspy, hunters, and some do re me....coming your way my friend.
cheers again bruce

bruce said...

Hi overhere, cheers for your kind comments , I've got some custard somewhere, when I find I'll post for you
cheers b

bruce said...

Hi guys your full address are not come through, could you please put file addresses over a couple of lines ie

cheers dudes

tricky said...

here is my list of paul kelly stuff:

Post (1985)
Gossip (1987)
Under The Sun (1987)
So Much Water So Close To Home (1989)
Comedy (1991)
Paul Kelly Live May 1992 (2 CD)
Wanted Man (1994)
Deeper Water (1995)
Songs From The South - The Best Of
Words and Music (1998)
Professor Ratbaggy (1999)
Smoke (1999)
Roll On Summer (EP) (2000)
Nothing But A dream (2001)
Ways and Means (2004)
Foggy Highway (2005)
Manila (with The Dots)
Hidden Things (with The Messengers)
Stolen Apples (2007)

Live at Splendour (Aug 2007) (one 55min mp3)* reasonable quality

Live at McCabes Guitar Shop (July 1993) (flac files - not great quality)

Live at The Crystal Ballroom St Kilda (with The Dots) (Oct 1979) * pretty good sound - one 45min mp3

Also a Paul Kelly Tribute Album (songs sung by Aussie female artists) "Women At The Well - The Songs of Paul Kelly"

also have various acoustic covers, duets etc (i.e. one off songs such as Khe Sanh, Little Red Corvette, etc)

* as far as I know I still dont have Talk (1981) with The Dots and I definitely dont have Live At The Continental and The Esplanade (would love it though)

will take as much PK as anyone can post

bruce said...

just a couple tricky??????
I've got Talk, I'll send it your way
I would like Post and Manila when you have time
I'm watching the football, I'll post up tomorrow
cheers mate

tricky said...

watching the football? Do you mean the Gunners Vs Spurs?

I'm up late here in Oz waiting for my beloved Liverpool Vs Portsmouth. It's gonna be a long night !!!!

I'll post the PK stuff soon



bruce said...

gunners fan mate.... go The Arsenal

tricky said...

was hoping Keane would put that penalty away. I was at the Liverpool V Arsenal game at Anfield a few months back .. awesome stuff !!! LFC winning 2 nil tonight at half time so I am happy

here is Manila by Paul Kelly and the Dots


Hank said...

Hi guys,

Hope this will work:

Give me a shout if it doesn't.

Thanks for the posted Paul Kelly stuff! And all the other cool stuff, I'm feeling like a kid in a candy store here...

And Tricky, I would especially love to have PK's Post, Under the Sun and So Much Water...


mialee said...

Although I've heard that the Midnight oil tribute album is weak in content I'd also like to request it, as well as the Sunnyboys tribute and any releases from Jeremy Oxley. Also, as noted earlier I'm after the Jim Moginie album which included the Fuzz Face ep. Thanks in advance and I'll surely upload some live Paul Kelly when any of the above are posted.

bruce said...

I,ll do my best and see what I can find, I'm really new at this so all advice is appreciated

cheers b