Friday, December 14, 2007

Beasts of Bourbon - Low Road

A bit of a tribute to Tex Perkins. I first met Tex back home when he played with the Dum Dums. Since our paths have crossed on many occasions.

Beasts of Bourbon are an Australian rock 'n' roll band formed in 1983, with a line-up that has changed as the band splintered and reformed several times. The group were initially thrown together by vocalist Tex Perkins to fulfill a booking his previous band, Tex Deadly and the Dum-Dums, could no longer make. The band began playing together in small venues in Sydney. The initial version of the group included Spencer P. Jones of The Johnnys, Boris Sudjovic and Kim Salmon of The Scientists and James Baker of The Hoodoo Gurus. They helped define Australian Swamp rock. Their music is a tough amalgam of country music, blues, rock and roll and punk parsed through the garage sound of The Stooges and the drunken mayhem of Australian pub rock. It often touches on themes of depravity, morbidity, despair, drug abuse and violence.

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