Sunday, December 23, 2007

Beasts of Bourbon - Little Animals

Some records should not be taken lightly. This one is the real deal, an unexpected gift from the gods. This is a brand new beasts of bourbon album, recorded and mixed in three days in the melbourne winter of 2006. 'Little animals' it's their first album of new songs in nine years. And it will kick your arse! The long awaited album arrives against considerable odds. Last time tex perkins, spencer p jones, charlie owen, brian hooper and tony pola made a record, it's title turned out to be succinctly prophetic. At the end of '97, 'gone' saw them off on the longest hiatus of the beasts' 23-year tenure, for reasons best unasked or forgotten. Over six albums of excoriating, low life rock'n'roll, the beasts of bourbon had carved their name large and indelibly in Australian rock lore. In (evil) spirit they're kin to ac/dc, the stones and the birthday party; in real life their lineage encompasses the johnnys, the surrealists, the cruel sea, the new christs, tex, don and Charlie and too many crash-and-burn blues/punk rock outfits that fell foul of the old death or glory equation sometime over the last quarter-century.

  • Vocals: Tex Perkins
  • Guitar: Spencer Jones, Charlie Owen
  • Bass: Brian Hooper
  • Drums: Tony Pola

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Radio Johnny said...

Thanks for post, great return
A request: Please upload the "Lowlife" album...