Sunday, December 23, 2007

An attack of the TROLLS

Hi folks, hope you are all well! Last night by accident I discovered a number of files had been deleted bloody TROLLS. This is a carefully orchestrated and very well planned attempt at censorship and dictatorship of music blogging. Some ego-maniacs think they have the right to dictate to all of us what and how much can be and should be shared. In their ridiculous illusions of grandeur they forget one little detail and that is : nobody has the right to define what "Responsible music blogging" is without consulting all parties involved, nor does anybody have the right to dictate us anything at all, leave alone enforcing their ludicrous "policies" on anybody.

All of these files were on Rapidshare, I have sent them an email requesting a copy of the complaint and the IP address of the complainant. See what happens! I use Rapidshare because of upload speed and because they supply extensive details of down load numbers and times. Remember I’m a teacher and I love details and statistics. I’m going to change the way I name files and see what happens.

As for the missing files I’m reuploading them as I type, public holiday in Thailand…. the pool can wait. I will have them posted bb this afternoon.

Effected files

Xavier Rudd – both albums

Screaming Trees – Sweet Oblivion

Pixies – Purple Tapes

Lighthouse Keepers – both discs

Jesus and Mary Chain – Darklands

Hoodoo Gurus – Mars Needs Guitars

In the future if anyone come across a deleted post PLEASE LEAVE MESSAGE IN BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

I’m a stubborn bastard, MUSIC AS USUAL death to trolls ………..cheers b


Cobber said...

Yeah, stuff 'em. Music's going to get out and flourish no matter what they try.

Onya, mate.

bruce said...

cheers cobber, f**k them all