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The Vines - Vision Valley

The Vines – Vision Valley

In mid 2005, the group announced they were working on their third album with producer Wayne Connolly. Andy Kent of fellow Australians You Am I filled in on bass playing duties. In November, the band's management announced they had finished recording all the songs that would appear on the album. Mixing and mastering of the tracks commenced January 2006. In mid December 2005, it was discovered that one of the songs from the album had been leaked. Although the song was as-of-yet untitled and unfinished, it contained guide vocals and instruments. The band's manager asked for the song to be taken down from the blog it was found on, and drummer Hamish Rosser also issued a statement on the band's fan club forum asking fans not to post or distribute the song on the internet.

"Don't Listen to the Radio" was released as the album's first single and was made available for digital download on March 7th on iTunes. "Gross out" was made available for digital download on March 18th, and was the first song leaked from the album. Vision Valley was released on April 1, 2006 in Australia, April 3 in Europe and April 4 in the United States.

Vision Valley was packed full of short, immediate songs; the album running little over 30 minutes in length. "Anysound" was the second official single from the album, and an animated music video was released exclusively through YouTube. "Dope Train" was released as a third single, with a music video composed of candid and live footage of the band from Big Day Out in 2007.

On the Vines' third full-length outing, the Australian alt-rock band has evolved without sacrificing any of its youthful energy. While singer/guitarist Craig Nicholls has clearly outgrown some of the hooliganism that made him notorious in the group's early days, he still exudes plenty of energy with his signature raspy voice and razor-sharp six-string lines, as best evidenced on the fierce, melodic first single "Don't Listen to the Radio." Though a few tracks on VISION VALLEY take a punkier approach (see the propulsive "Gross Out"), those tunes are tempered by dreamier moments such as "Spaceship," revealing that while Nicholls's songwriting is tighter and more varied than before, it's just as thrilling.

Track Listing

Song Title





Nothing Coming


Candy Days


Vision Valley


Don't Listen To The Radio


Gross Out


Take Me Back


Going Gone


F*@ Yeh




Dope Train





The Vines – Vision Valley

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