Saturday, February 9, 2008

Supergrass – I Should Coco

Supergrass – I Should Coco

I Should Coco was Supergrass' 1995 debut album. This album was released at the height of Britpop when numerous small bands were springing up, usually influenced by what were seen as the two biggest bands in the movement, Oasis and Blur. Supergrass were one of the few bands who went on to have lasting success.

The influences on Supergrass for this album were extremely diverse, ranging from the very cheerful, fast, keyboard augmented "I'd Like To Know" to the guitar-driven punk narrative "Caught By The Fuzz" to the mainly piano based rhythm of the teen anthem "Alright" and finally to the acoustic guitar and country music influenced "Time to Go". Even in the extremely diverse genre of Britpop, the album was seen as very eclectic - usually as a compliment. Overall, the album could be described only as Britpop, influenced in equal parts by Buzzcocks and The Kinks.

Chart-wise, I Should Coco reached Number 1 on the British album chart.


  • "Caught By The Fuzz" #43
  • "Mansize Rooster" #20
  • "Lose It" #75
  • "Lenny" #10
  • "Alright"/"Time" #2

Culturally, the album's glorification of teenage freedom made a very big impact on the overall Britpop music scene. The whole genre was seen as the voice of youth, but Supergrass dealt with the subject most elaborately, being still in their teens themselves when the album was made. The most well-known song from the album, "Alright", is still played regularly in Britain and Ireland, and held up as an example of teenage rebellion in music.

To date, it is the only Supergrass album that has made any impact in the United States of America. The videos for "Caught By The Fuzz" and "Alright" were in rotation on MTV in the USA.

Track listing

1. "I'd Like To Know" – 4:02

2. "Caught By The Fuzz" – 2:16

3. "Mansize Rooster" – 2:34

4. "Alright" – 3:01

5. "Lose It" – 2:37

6. "Lenny" – 2:42

7. "Strange Ones" – 4:19

8. "Sitting Up Straight" – 2:20

9. "She's So Loose" – 2:59

10. "We're Not Supposed To" – 2:04

11. "Time" – 3:10

12. "Sofa (Of My Lethargy)" – 6:18

13. "Time To Go" – 1:56

Supergrass – I Should Coco


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