Friday, February 1, 2008

Summer Suns - Summer Suns

THE SUMMER SUNS (1985-1996) were part of the vanguard of the Perth pop scene in a truly halcyon era. They played a melodious blend of '70s influenced power pop and '60s folk rock and featured a revolving door line-up of most of Perth, Western Australia's premier pop musicians. Releases appeared on many of the world's finest pop labels including Easter, Waterfront, Bus Stop, Parasol, Get Hip, and House Of Wax.

Band Members KIM WILLIAMS...Guitar, vocals, composition


On guitar...Dom Mariani, Jeff Baker, Steve Hird, Joe Algeri

On bass...Velo Zupanovich, Steve Kyme, Ross Campbell, Liam Coffey, Graham Hope

On drums...Gary Chambers, Martin Moon, Nick Kaitse, Pascal Bartolone


Anonymous said...

this is good... do you have other
SUMMER SUNS releases?

I love this...

bruce said...

I can find reference to one other album, I'm searching.

Anonymous said...

even living in Sydney, I find The Summer Suns' releases difficult to locate. I thank you very much for making this one available. Think I have most of their stuff now.

smithy in sydney