Friday, February 8, 2008

Smithereens – Especially for You

a link from peter at c-60 Low Noise, cheers mate one of my favourite records

Smithereens – Especially for You

Remastered version with a couple of bonus tracks…… can never have enough of the Smithereens.

The Smithereens: Pat DiNizio (guitar, vocals); Jim Babjak (guitar); Mike Mesaros (bass, vocals); Dennis Diken (drums, percussion, vocals).

Additional personnel: Frank Christian (acoustic guitar); John Rokosny (electric guitar); Kenny Margolis (accordion); Joe Kernich (piano); Jerome Jerome (organ, piano); Don Dixon (piano, percussion, background vocals); Jeffrey Berman (vibraphone); Mark Johnson, Suzanne Vega (background vocals).

Recorded at The Record Plant, New York. Includes liner notes by Dennis Diken.

New Jersey's Smithereens popped up at the tail end of the New Wave era, but arrived just in time for the ascension of alternative rock. In fact
they were neither; essentially Pat DiNizio and company were power-poppers with strong 1960s roots (Beatles, Beach Boys, et al).

Ultimately, they brought the style further into the mainstream than any of their contemporaries, with their initial full-length salvo ESPECIALLY FOR YOU making a big splash via the hits "Blood and Roses" and "Behind the Wall of Sleep." The Smithereens' sound was also brawnier and more working-class than most of their contemporaries (they later confessed to being influenced by Black Sabbath's guitar sound), and this may have had a great deal to do with their success. It also didn't hurt that singer/songwriter/guitarist DiNizio had a seemingly limitless knack for churning out infectious pop gems that sounded like they'd been around forever. Delivered in DiNizio's strong, deep voice, the songs on ESPECIALLY FOR YOU suggest nothing so much as an '80s Badfinger fronted by a less pretentious Jim Morrison.

Track Listing

Song Title


Strangers When We Meet


Listen To Me Girl


Groovy Tuesday




I Don't Want To Lose You


Time And Time Again


Behind The Wall Of Sleep


In A Lonely Place


Blood And Roses


Crazy Mixed-Up Kid


Hand Of Glory


Alone At Midnight


White Castle Blues - (bonus track)


Mr. Eliminator - (bonus track)

Smithereens – Especially for You


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Thanks for the post...Keep up the great work!

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doh! this is the original album sans bonus tracks!

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