Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Saints - This Perfect Day

This post is from a punk festival at The Hope and Anchor, during their first tour of the United Kingdom. The audience, wanting their punk bands to look like a punk band, never really took to the Saints and the response on this record is lukewarm at best but the music is pure brilliance.


Do the Robot
Lost and Found
Lipstick on Your Collar
River Deep Mountain High
Memories Passed
Run Down
This Perfect Day
Messin' With the Kid
Nights in Venice
I'm (Stranded)
Demolition Girl
One Way Street


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Bruce, love ya blog
the saints are the greatest,
I've recently started a blog
which is all Australian music and
I recently posted the saints
reformation gig and live in a mud hut
the link to the blog is
and i love if you see fit to link
to me, I'm sure the music will be up your alley
ciao bob

bruce said...

how you doing bob? No problem mate, link in place, I'll check out your blog

stay cool

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, thanks for the Saints, Grant

Anonymous said...

The Saints still reign supreme!
Thanks a lot for posting this!