Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - No More Shall We Part

No More Shall We Part is the 11th studio album released by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, September 2001. The album came after a 4-year gap from recording, following the much acclaimed The Boatman's Call. Cave had to overcome heavy heroin and alcohol addictions in 1999-2000 before starting work on the album. It was met with mostly positive reviews, often called beautiful with its heavy use of piano, though some Nick Cave critics or fans who preferred his earlier music disliked it (see the Nude as the News review).

The album showcases the virtuoso talents of the Bad Seeds, with elaborate instrumental sections on nearly every track. Also, Cave's lyrics are less obscure than usual, and he sings in a wider vocal range than he had previously, reaching Alto on several tracks.

Track listing

1. As I Sat Sadly by Her Side – 6:15

2. And No More Shall We Part – 4:00

3. Hallelujah – 7:48

4. Love Letter – 4:08

5. Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow – 5:36

6. God Is in the House – 5:44

7. Oh My Lord – 7:30

8. Sweetheart Come – 4:58

9. The Sorrowful Wife – 5:18

10. We Came Along This Road – 6:08

11. Gates to the Garden – 4:09

12. Darker with the Day – 6:07

No More Shall We Part

Disc 1

Disc 2

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