Friday, February 8, 2008

DM3 – Road to Rome

DM3 – Road to Rome

Fronted by singer/ guitarist Dom Mariani (formerly of The Stems and The Lime Spiders) DM3 got their start in 1992 with the accompaniment of bassist Toni Italiano and drummer Pascal Bartolone. Bringing out their own brand of power-pop to the town of Perth, Australia, DM3 debuted with their first single "Foolish" in 1993 before following it with their first full-length 1 Time, 2 Times, 3 Red Light in 1994. After a European tour in support of these two releases, DM3's second album Road to Rome came out in 1996 before Bomp Records hooked up a "best of" compilation in support of the band 1997 US tour entitled Dig It The Most. With the 5 Greasy Pieces EP released that same year courtesy of Citadel Records, another compilation of b-sides and out takes entitled Garage Sale saw the light of day in 1998.

DM3 – Road to Rome


Bazzawong said...

Track 06 - I Thought That You Were Foolin' appears to be screwed, it only plays the first 5 seconds. Any chance of a re-up ??????
Love this album need more DM3 thanks so much your blog is real perty....

bubba said...

Two years late, with little hope, I second that request for a fixed track 06 which is damaged.

Thanks for a great blog!!!