Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Church - Slaving Platinum to Gold.... GAF Demos

from ken

A free disc given away on the bands web site. 19 tracks in all assembled during the recording of 'Gold Afternoon Fix. Most of which reappeared on the 'Bonus Disc' with the 2005 reissue of the album.

2CD EMI (Australia) - July, 2005. Remastered

Bonus Disc Tracks

1. Much Too Much (3:51)

2. Take It Back (4:03)

3. Desert (2:50)

4. Forgotten Reign (4:20) (sung by Peter Koppes)

5. Hunter (4:24)

6. Dream (2:56) (sung by Peter Koppes)

7. Ride Into The Sunset (4:32)

8. You Got Off Light (3:29)

9. The Feast (4:49)

10. Metropolis (Acoustic) (4:18)

11. Grind (Acoustic) (5:37)


Anonymous said...

Great blog!
I've been looking for this acoustic version of "Grind" for years! Is this bonus disc available for download?
Thanks, e6gMan

peter said...

Great post, too bad its uploaded to Mediafire which sucks so much... trying to download now 3rd time... 3 HOURS straight. Rapid is much better. But then again, if I can get it...