Thursday, February 7, 2008

21 Guns – 21 Guns

21 Guns – 21 Guns

Totally different band to the L.A version, better, they're Aussie an excellent bluesy melodic rock band
with more than a touch of Boom Crash Opera mixed with Johnny Diesel type of sound. Probably better
known more for what eventually evolved out of 21guns, rather than the band itself.
Andy McLean Cameron McKenzie, hooked up with Uncanny X-Men drummer Max Waugh, Cattletruck guitarist
Scott Kingman and bassist Mick Vallance from Boom Crash Opera to form heavy rockers Horsehead.

Andy Mclean - lead vocals
Cameran Mckenzie - guitar, backing vocals
Henry Eustacs - bass, backing vocals
Mark Herrera - drums

2.Save Me
3.Hard Luck Story
4.I Believe
6.Do What You Wanna Do
7.Keep The Homefire Burning
8.Those Days Are Over
9.Heart Of Stone
10.Heads To The Sun

21 Guns – 21 Guns


skids said...
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skids said...

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Thanks for this Skids, and for various other posts amongst this blog!

- Hector McFreckle

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