Sunday, January 27, 2008

Various Artists - JJJ Live At The Wireless

here is a link to Ausrock, cheers boys

The first ‘Live At The Wireless’

Various Artists

Live At The Wireless Vol 101 Pleas - Private Lives
02 (Bits Of) Wood - The Particles
03 Samurai Stomp - Samurai Trash
04 Hammer The Hammer - The Go-Betweens
05 My Baby Thinks She's A Train - The Triffids
06 Random Men - Second Language
07 Bring The Hammer Down - Do-Re-Mi
08 Lay Him Down - Dropbears
09 You've Changed - Soggy Porridge
10 Dig It Up - Hoodoo Gurus
11 Ritual - Idiom Flesh


Robbie Soles said...

ain't no link from Ausrock,

leeched from ausrock, then re-upped using your own link

original link

Anonymous said...

you are a Scumbag Bruce