Thursday, January 10, 2008

Various Artists - Citadel Singles(Take Everything, Leave Nothing)

The best Australian bands on the best Australian record label in the 80's. What more can you ask for? Just check out the track list and make up your own mind. As far as compilation records go, I can think of none better. I can remember buying this and then playing it over and over and over. The record sleeve looks like the cover of an Isaac Asimov book. One classic record.

1. Voodoo Slaves - Minuteman 2. Crying Sun - New Race 3. 100 Fools - Deniz Tek 4. Euro Girls - The Visitors 5. Make You Mine - The Stems 6. Igloo - Screaming Tribesmen 7. Love Will Grow - The Stems 8. Venus in Leather - The Trilobites 9. Another Day In The Sun - The Moffs 10. Frozen World - Angie Pepper 11. Like A Curse - The New Christs 12. Out Of The Unknown - Died Pretty 13. Stoneage Cinderella - Died Pretty 14. What's the News Today - Fixed Up 15. It's My Time - The Someloves 16. Boobalooba Beach - The Stonefish 17. Legacy Of Morons - The Trilobites 18. Born Out Of Time - The New Christs 19. Born Killer - The Bamboos 20. Clean Your Eyes - Meera Atkinson 21. The Hands Have Control - Porcelain Bus 22. Sailor's Dream - The Wet Taxis 23. Final Twist - Died Pretty

Disc 1

Disc 2


Hank said...

Yes, this is fantastic. It's unbelievable the amount of great music that was coming out of Australia at that time. One of the best music scenes anywhere, anytime.

Anonymous said...

amazing. thank you so much. i still have an old vinyl copy of this but but no player and the sound on this is great.