Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Triffids - Treeless Plain

A major influence on the group's sound was their geographical location. Isolated on the west coast of Australia, Perth backs on to a huge, empty desert that infused The Triffids' early work with a feeling of emptiness and loneliness.

Their debut album Treeless Plain was released in November, 1983, an album completely out of tune with everything else going on in the Australian alternative music scene at the time. All of the songs for Treeless Plain were recorded over twelve midnight-to-dawn sessions at Emerald City Studios, Sydney in August and September 1983.

Their line-up stabilised to David McComb (vocals, guitar), his brother Robert McComb (guitar,violin), Jill Birt (keyboards), Alsy MacDonald (drums), Martyn P. Casey (bass) and 'Evil' Graham Lee (pedal steel, guitar).


Time Bandit said...

Hey Man...Thanks a lot..I've been looking around for this one. You don't have by any chance "Raining Pleasure" & "In the Pines" as well?

Peter The Time BandiT

bruce said...

Hi Peter, no but I'll see if we can find. I do have Dungeon Tapes and Son of the dungeon Tapes if you don't?

cheers dude

Bottlelow said...

Here you go - Raining Pleasure, In The Pines,

Both great albums.

Time Bandit said...

Yes, Yes!!!! Thanks a lot, both of you..Got the two tapes, and also have the six tapes they released from 78-82 period... Thanks again!

bruce said...

cheers couple of days I'll be uploading some triffids, david mccomb and black eyed susans ..hope there's something you like. Still looking for the new ed kuepper.... found today wonder