Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Titanics(David McCormack) - Live at The Wireless

In April 1998, McCormack met journalist Emma Tom at an Elle Magazine dinner. In September McCormack proposed by email, and the couple married on October 25th (McCormack's 30th birthday).

During 1999, McCormack formed a band called The Titanics with Tom, Glenn Thompson and filmmaker Tina Havelock-Stevens. After the break up of Custard, the Titanics became McCormack's primary musical project. The band's first album, Size Isn't Everything, was recorded at home and sold online rather than in stores. Several different versions of the CD were released (each with slightly different track lists). The band's second album, Love is the Devil, was released in late 2000. Thompson and McCormack then had a falling out, leading to Thompson leaving the band. Tom and McCormack's relationship also soured, and Tom left the band. The Titanics continued on temporarily as a three piece, with Dylan McCormack playing bass. The band played their last show at the St Kilda Festival in February 2002.

Live at the Wireless 2001

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