Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Thanes - Evolver

The Thanes 'Evolver' (2004)

A double LP collection to introduce you to the history and mystery of this quartet from Edinburgh who released their first record in 1987 and has been on the revival garage beat scene since. Classic 60s oriented beat that brings to mind everyone from the chesterfield Kings to the real Kings, the Standells - with whom the Thanes played at the Las Vegas Grind festival in 2000. Evolver is an exhaustive music file that explores the sound of the group throughout a cult discography of rarities, singles, Live concert and more from 1987 to present. A must for true garage rock lovers.

As Pilot X of the Soup Dragons puts it in the liner notes, "We took the Thanes out on a few supports in the early days and wow! Boy they rocked! My favourite memories: The band was so retro/accurate that we witnessed them on several occasion tuning up backstage using pitch pipes!!!! And the bass player's strings must have been about 30 years old - they were so dead and dull, but they sounded so subsonic and totally 60s! Lenny's hair was always clean and man, that boy was always smiling. And when he wailed he was like a caveman discovering fire!!!!!! The keyboard player Bruce was like a gaunt phantom spectra hovering, almost levitating, on his keyboards and there was pretty boy floyd with his geometric hair. I was definitely a fan!"

Disc 1

Disc 2

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