Friday, January 18, 2008

Sounds of Australia - Natures Music

Statistically speaking, Australians have the third highest percentage of passports issued per head of population. Which basically means we love to travel. In the past the destination was Europe, especially England these days it tends to be Asia. My first trip was the typical ‘coming of age’ surfing adventure to Bali… many, many years ago. Since then I have travelled throughout Asia. Apart from the obvious differences in culture the big difference I notice is the vast difference in sounds you hear.

For those who have never been to Australia, it is a truly unique place on Earth. It is the oldest place on Earth, vast, isolated and with the exception of a few major cities, scarcely populated. Due to our isolation our flora and fauna are unique to the land. On all of my travels I have never seen the night sky lit up with the Milky Way as it is back home.

Australia has many varied ecosystems from tropical rainforest to stony desert from golden beaches to snow covered mountains. As a people we have close ties with our land, our life style revolves around it. Here I have collected a series of recordings of ‘The Sounds of Australia’ – Natures Music.

A New Day, By A Mountain Cascade, Entering The Forest, Nocturne, Rainforest Duet

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