Monday, January 14, 2008

The Saints - Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son is the eighth studio album released by The Saints and Includes two of Bailey’s best songs ‘Grain of Sand’ and ‘Ghost Ships’

Amidst the stew of frustrated talent and pressure cooker attention, relations between Kuepper and Bailey deteriorated beyond repair. Kuepper, Hay and Ward left the band soon afterwards and Kuepper began pursuing a more avant-garde direction with The Laughing Clowns. He continues to be one of Australia's most influential and highly regarded musicians with over twenty solo albums to his credit.

Bailey continued to use the name of The Saints with a variety other musicians including, briefly, Ivor Hay; in 1984 Kuepper was about to rejoin for a tour but in the end pulled out.

Bailey eventually achieved a commercial breakthrough with All Fools Day in 1987 which sold moderately well across most of the world, as did the follow-up, Prodigal Son. 1988. Since then, he has continued touring and recording with various incarnations of The Saints.

Track listing

1. Grain Of Sand

2. Music Goes Round My Head

3. Fire And Brimstone

4. Friend Of The People

5. Before Hollywood

6. Sold Out

7. Ghost Ships

8. Massacre

9. Tomorrow

10. Stay Listen

11. Shipwreck

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