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The Saints - 'One Two Three Four' EP (1977)

The Saints 'One Two Three Four' EP (1977)

The original members of the band were schoolmates Chris Bailey (singer-songwriter, later a guitarist); Ed Kuepper (guitarist-songwriter); and Ivor Hay (drummer). Their musical inspiration came from sources as diverse as 1950s rock 'n' roll such as Little Richard and Elvis Presley (an early incarnation of the group was called Kid Galahad and the Eternals) and 1960s proto-punk bands like The Stooges and MC5.

In September 1976, with bass player Kym Bradshaw, The Saints independently recorded and distributed copies of their debut single "(I'm) Stranded". In the UK, Sounds magazine declared it "Single of this and every week", and the band was signed to a three-album contract with EMI. Later the same year they recorded their first LP, released in February 1977, also called (I'm) Stranded.

In mid-1977 the band moved to the UK, where it became apparent that they and their label had different ideas as to how they should be marketed. EMI planned to sell The Saints as a typical punk band, complete with ripped clothes and spiky hair. The Saints insisted on maintaining a more downbeat image. Nevetheless one single, "This Perfect Day", showed potential of a commercial breakthrough when it made #34 in the UK; further movement up the charts was frustrated by EMI's failure to press enough copies of the record to satisfy demand.

This is a UK release "Lipstick on Your Collar" / "River Deep - Mountain High”/ “One Way Street”/"Demolition Girl”

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