Monday, January 14, 2008

The Saints - Eternally Yours

Eternally Yours (1978) The Saints' second release.

The raw energy and unabashed exuberance the Saints displayed on their 1977 debut (I'M) STRANDED was still fully present on the follow-up ETERNALLY YOURS. However, the band's songwriting had matured enormously by the release of that album in 1978. In fact, rare is the combination of angsty dissatisfaction, lean-and-mean punk rock riffage, and songwriting skill that the quartet displays here.

The Saints rail against mindless consumerism and the general vapid nature of mainstream society ("Know Your Product," "International Robot," "Run Down"), but never in the service of shallow punk posturing. Of course, when the topic turns to matters of the heart ("A Minor Aversion," "Untitled") the Saints are equally genuine. Tough yet smart, with an acoustic number here and boisterous horn part there.

With bass player Alisdair "Algy" Ward, showed the band moving towards a more R&B style of rock, including a brass section (very reminiscent of Kuepper's subsequent band The Laughing Clowns) on songs like "Know Your Product"."Private Affair", focussed on what the band members saw as the pigeon-holing, hype and commercialisation of punk:

And now you think that you got a first in fashion

New uniforms we all look the same

A new vogue for the now generation

A new profit in the same old game

We got new thoughts, new ideas it's all so groovy

It's just a shame that we've all seen the same old movies


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