Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sacred Cowboys - Nothing Grows In Texas

Sacred Cowboys are an Australian post-punk rock band based in Melbourne and active in 1982-85, 1987-97 and since 2006.

The Sacred Cowboys' lead singer and lyricist is Garry Gray. The current line-up includes: Spencer Jones (guitar); Penny Ikinger (guitar); Nick Rischbieth (bass) and; Stephan Fiddock (drums). A special guest for August 2006 shows was Ash Wednesday (keyboards). Past members include: Johnny Crash (drums) andMark Ferrie (bass) who were both previously members of Melbourne pop band The Models; Terry Doolan (guitar); Andrew Picouleau (bass); and Ian Forrest (keyboards). Rischbieth joined the group in 1983 and
Fiddock in 1987.

Gray was previously a member of The Reals (1975-76) and The Negatives (1977-79) and is the only constant in the band's history.

The Sacred Cowboys began playing inner city Melbourne in early 1982. Gray and Mark Ferrie thought of the name after viewing an episode of Get Smart, from the episode where the Groovy Guru and his band the Sacred Cows set out to subvert America's youth with psychedelic music. (The same episode was the impsiration for the Hoodoo Gurus song "In The Echo Chamber" and Painters and Dockers covered Groovy Guru's "Kill Kill Kill".)

Within six months, the Cowboys signed with Mushroom Records/White Label and recorded the "Nothing Grows In Texas" single, mark I also released a second single, a cover of Alex Chilton's "Bangkok".

After their performance of the song on television pop show Countdown, Molly Meldrum said: "this is the worst group I've seen in five years", a title the band would wear with perverse pride.



Anonymous said...

See the Sacred Cowboys myspace page for a more complete version of the story. 'Texas' was a great song but the bands signature tunes are undoubtedly 'Hell Sucks' from 'Trouble From Providence' and 'Cold Harvest' from the 2007 Bang! records release.


John Daly said...

Molly Meldrum would'nt know good music from bad, we only watched Countdown to see bits of the occasional good vids., he let Sacred Cowboys and La Femme on TV after they agreed on good behaviour. MM was/is a waste of space.