Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Radio Birdman - Rock & Roll War 1976 - 1978

Something very rare and very good. Each side recorded into a single MP3 file. Birdmen during their prime, the best 'live' recordings I have heard. Radio Birdman - Rock & Roll War 1976 - 1978 LP Mission RB001 A/B - France

(Limited Edition 500 Copies) Side A01 - Dark Surprise (Rockfield Studios, April 78) 02 - If I Wanted To (Rockfield Studios, April 78) 03 - Alien Skies (Rockfield Studios, April 78) 04 - Death By The Gun (Rockfield Studios, April 78) 05 - Didn't Tell The Man (Rockfield Studios, April 78) 06 - Descent Into The Maelstrom (Double J Studios, March 76) 07 - Death By The Gun (Double J Studios, March 76) 08 - Snake (Double J Studios, March 76) Side B 01 - Burned My Eye (Double J Studio, Nov 76) 02 - American Ruse (Oxford Funhouse, Jan 76) 03 - Insane Alive (Oxford Funhouse, Jan 76) 04 - Search & Destroy (Oxford Funhouse, Jan 76) 05 - Rock & Roll (Live Somewhere About 78) 06 - I Wanna Be Your Dog (Live Somewhere About 78) 07 - Career Of Evil (Live Somewhere About 78) 08 - Snake (Oxford Funhouse, Jan 76)


Anonymous said...

First of all , your blog is great, so many bands from down-under that are so hard to get and especially thanks for this rare one & also for the Murder City Lights Bootleg,
One of my favorite bands,
do you have more bootlegs of them? especially; Eureka Birdman, Live In Sidney '76,Ring Of Truth EP

Thanx for the Birdman so far,
Greetz, Ron

Anonymous said...

Here something back, I hope you don't have it and hope you'll enjoy it,

Greetz, Ron

bruce said...

Cheers Ron.... enjoy ..more coming!!!
No mate I don't have the New Race, I'll post it up soon...welcome to the collective
all the best b

Woody said...

Thanks for this! Used to have it on LP but it went missing many years ago.