Friday, January 25, 2008

Mick Harvey & others - Suburban Mayhem

I was looking around for some 'Magic Dirt' and came across this. OST to the movie 'Suburban Mayhem'. Australia movie released in 2006. Also has a couple of songs by 'Magic Dirt' and 'Little Birdy' and others.

Mick Harvey did the original music score for this movie.

1 My Side Of The Story
2 Double Dare by Adalita
3 Troubled Mind by The Buff Medways
4 Paco Doesn't Love Me by The Spazzys
5 White Hott by Your Wedding Night
6 Inbred Disco by Bird Blobs
7 Sex Beat by Adalita
8 Daddy by Magic Dirt
9 Devil Song by Theredsunband
10 This Is A Love Song by Little Birdy
11 48 Crash by Suzi Quatro
12 The Sunshine Drive by The Spazzys
13 Sucker Love by Magic Dirt

14 I Don't Have A Nan
15 The Samurai Sword
16 Danny Gets Arrested
17 Judge Threw Away The Key
18 Fudging Someone Else
19 Smoking The Bong
20 Driven To Kenny
21 Kenny Does The Deed
22 Goodnight Bub (The Murder)
23 I Did It For You
24 Brainwashing With Kindness
25 My Brother's A Murderer

Disc 1

Disc 2

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files for cd1 are deleted, can you reup , thanks