Monday, January 28, 2008

Magazine - Shot From Both Sides

Magazine was an English Post-punk group active between 1977 and 1981. The band was formed in Manchester by Howard Devoto after he left Buzzcocks in 1976. In April 1977 he met guitarist John McGeoch and they began writing songs which would become the first Magazine material. They recruited Barry Adamson, Bob Dickinson and Martin Jackson to form the first line-up of the band, which signed to Virgin Records. Bob Dickinson left shortly after the release of the band's first single "Shot by Both Sides" and was replaced by Dave Formula. "Shot by Both Sides", the chorus of which shared the same progression as the Buzzcocks' "Lipstick," reached the top 50 in the UK singles chart. It's cover was an early example of the goth influence in punk.

Following a tour to promote the first album Real Life, Jackson left and was replaced briefly by Paul Spencer and then John Doyle. In 1979 the second album, Secondhand Daylight followed. Devoto left the band in 1981, and after a brief solo outing and two albums with Luxuria he quit music to become a photo archivist.

This was Magazines first release and It’s not surprising how good Magazine were Barry Adamson on bass, who went on to produce some excellent solo material. John McGeoch who also played in PIL, The Banshees, and Visage. Pete Shelly contributed to the music for "Shot By Both Sides"

Single “Shot From Both Sides’

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