Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Johnny's - My Buzz Saw Baby

thanks to hank

This one has been on a number of ‘wish lists’ since I started this blog.

Mr Spencer Jones and his bandit gang, long may they be remembered.

A little story about this EP. An old, old friend of mine ‘Speedie’ green Mohawk and all can be seen loitering in the video ‘Injun Joe’. At the time of the release of this EP Speedie was working as a roadie for both the Johnny’s and Beasts of Bourbon.

Well the boys came to Brisbane to play a festival at New Farm Park and a show at Metropolis in the Valley. Knowing of the size and variety of ‘rider’ (free food and drink provided for a band) I gleefully accepted Speedie’s offer to help lug for the band.

All was good the band played the show at Metropolis, band and punters happy, band bids farewell and head back to their hotel. Meanwhile Speedie and I had been copiously consuming the bands supply of booze all night. A little drunk one might say. No problem pack up the van and join up with the crew for more drinking. All was going well UNTIL Speedie passes out…. so I pack Speedie into the van and head off to the hotel. I get about 200 yards (for those who know Brisbane…near the Exhibition Grounds Entrance) when a siren and flashing light brings me to a stop. SHIT I think, I’m F**K**.

Brisbane in those days had the nastiest, most violent and corrupt cops of anywhere in Australia. I stay seated, Speedie snoring (thanks mate) and comatose in the seat next to me. This young copper comes up the window and informs me that ‘he has observed me driving this vehicle in an erratic manner since leaving the establishment in the Valley’. Asks me if I have been drinking, taking drugs….the usual shit…..asks me what’s wrong with ‘the punk’ next to you????? My reply “He’s exhausted we’ve been working at the Johnny’s show tonight. No sleep for a couple of days. I’m not used to driving the van.” Be polite, act cool….. Can’t get any worse I thought.

Silence….. except for Speedie snoring. Copper looks at me and says “I like that song ‘My buzz saw baby really cut me up” Tells me to drive carefully and get some sleep. He walked away singing the song. True story folks, sometimes things just fall your way.

PS... please I know 'drinking and driving' stupid and irresponsible


big in iowa said...

thanks a lot for this one

i love the johnnys...


Anonymous said...

cool story! Loved the Johnny's too!

Anonymous said...

The johnny where so good I remember seeing them in auckland,Awsome live

Grant said...

Would still love to get hold of this track. I've been trying for ages but it seems the link is not functioning. This track also has great memories for me.

rupert said...

Wow, man. Thank you...I have been looking for this forever. Saw The Johnnys once in Wellington and The Beasts Of Bourbon in Rome, both fantastic gigs.
The Johnnys were a blast...waving at the crowd right in front of them and saying "the more you drink the better it sounds" etc... I can't think of any band but the Stooges that is more satisfying. CIAO for now.