Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Infidels - 3 In The Morning


Something from cob, I had never heard this until today…. excellent album. I try to clear steer of comparisons in music…. but maybe a cross between The Triffids, The Go-Betweens and The Church, very spacious in texture and melodic….VERY AUSTRALIAN. Guests include Marty Willson-Piper from The Church and Amanda Brown from The Go-Betweens.


1. Caution Horses (3:57)

2. Cane Fields (4:25)

3. Precocious (3:09)

4. Sticks and Stones (4:02)

5. 3 in the Morning (4:31)

6. Weird Streets of Prayer (3:15)

7. Boys Don't Cry (3:56)

8. Days Of Splendour (4:24)

9. Vivien Leigh (3:29) (also appears on the Urban Folk Collective album Black Rabbit)

10. The Sensual Hour (4:48)

11. Precious Stuff (3:33)

12. And the World (3:53)


All songs by Raoul Graf except: "Sticks and Stones" and "The Sensual Hour" by R. Graf/Marty Willson-Piper; "Precocious" and "Precious Stuff" by R. Graf/B. Whatmore; "Vivien Leigh" by R.Graf/A.Elshaikh; "Weird Streets of Prayer" by J. Griffin; and "Boys Don't Cry" by Smith/Dempsey/Tolhurst.

The Infidels are: Raoul Graf; Ben Whatmore; Paul Dunn; Lesley Branagan; and Ian Cooper.

Raoul Graf: vocals and 12-string acoustic guitar
Abe Elshaikh: lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Ian Cooper: violin on "Precious Stuff", "Precocious" and "Days of Splendour"
Ben Whatmore: keyboards and e-bow on "And the World" and backing vocals on "Cane Fields"
Paris Razos: drums and percussion on "Precious Stuff", "Precocious" and "Days of Splendour"
Warwick Factor: acoustic and electric bass
Carla Graf: backing vocals on "Boys Don't Cry", "Precious Stuff" and "Precocious"
Rory Mackenzie: drums and percussion
Margaret Lindsey: cello on "Precious stuff"
Amanda Brown: violin on "Caution Horses", "Cane Fields" and "Vivien Leigh"
Valerie King: backing vocals on "Precious Stuff"
Daniel Denholm: piano on "And the World"

All tracks produced, engineered and mixed by Daniel Denholm, except for: tracks 4, 5, and 10 which were produced by Raoul Graf, engineered by Michelle Barry, and mixed by Daniel Denholm; and track 8 which was produced by Raoul Graf and Ben Moore, engineered by Ben Moore, and mixed by Ben Moore.

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