Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Died Pretty - Usin My Gills As A Road Map

thanks to bottelow

Have I mentioned how much I dig this band? Dark, brooding, intense, powerful... yet beautiful and melodic in voice and music. 'Using My Gills As Road Map' was true to the spirit of the bands original aspirations - a left field excursion. Produced by Wayne Connolly and the band, it explores aural textures and landscapes that are a first for the group. Samples, minimal guitars, and new technology were in obvious evidence. It also fielded the single, 'Radio', one of many fine releases over the years.

On a different track I've listened to the new Birdman album and heard the live recodings of their recent tour of Australia and personally I would love to hear Ronnie singing with Radio Birdman.



Hank said...

Peno with Birdman - now that's a pretty cool idea. Do you mean to say that you think Rob Younger isn't quite what he used to be?

bruce said...

Have you listened to the new birdman LP, that live show mailee gave us????
All respect to rob....BUT.... no power, no passion.....give me ronnie

Hank said...

No, I haven't gotten around to it to be honest! There has been so much other cool music here (Cruel Sea being the current faves!) so I just haven't had the time to listen to them.
So now you made me curious, have to listen...
shame, though, he has always been kind of a hero, with Birdman, his producing, New Christs. He must be the most pissed-off-sounding singer I have ever heard!
So whats Peno up to these days? Maybe we could start a petition! Tek, Hoyle, Peno... who else? An Aussie supergoup!

bruce said...

Yeah I know how you feel... overload with music...I'm digging all the triffids stuff, haven't heard raining pleasure in many years. Peno and Myers are recording new stuff .. how about the twin guitars of myers and ed kuepper ?????