Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Decline of the Reptiles - Couple of EP's

The Hammer Speaks E.P. (1985)
Too Much Armour Not Enough Brains E.P. (1986)

brought to you by hank

Two EP’s from Decline of the Reptiles. Originated from Sydney, Australia circa 1980’s. Garage rock similar to the Lime Spiders with a cleaner guitar sound. They used an organ/keyboard backwash to great effect with the usual growly vocals.

- http://rapidshare.com/files/87433308/Decline_Of_The_Reptiles.rar


Mario said...

after year of searching . . . . finally . . . i found DECLINE OF THE REPTILES.


thanks so much

kami said...

hot damn!! i have decline.. one of my favorite late 80s oz eps but to find the other and have both on my mp3 player... aaah... sublime... great band, great songs. thanks from the bottom of my beer soaked belly

kami said...

of course that was supposed to say.. "i have too much armour..." beer soaked belly, what can i say?

Anonymous said...

"similar to the Lime Spiders" ?
Not much !, in fact hardly at all ...
Go back a bit earlier in the sequence of Sydney bands of that era to "ME262" and earlier again to "The Visitors" for bands leading up to "Decline Of The Reptiles" in style,
though each of these bands had its own distinct sound live.

The Barman said...

New album procurable here: