Thursday, January 17, 2008

Clouds - EP's (Panal Van, Aquamarine, Beetroot)

all credit and thanks to bobbie for these Clouds EP's

Clouds spent most of 1994 touring the USA and Europe. It was a quiet year on the recording front with only the CD EP Beetroot (October) seeing the light of day. Clouds had recorded Beetroot with producer Harvey Swift at Fortress Studio, London, during August.

During March 1995, Elektra issued an expanded version of Thunderhead plus the CD single 3 Songs (`Bower of Bliss', `Blade', `Universal') in the USA. The band's American deal looked promising, but three months later Elektra shed its entire overseas roster and A&R department, leaving Clouds without record company push in the USA. Meanwhile, Red Eye issued the CD EPs `Aquamarine' (August 1995) and `Panel Van' (November 1995) in Australia.


Panel Van


JABallarat said...

Aquamarine has gone missing on Mediafire. Any chance of a reupload?

(love love love the Clouds BTW, glad I got to see them live when I could)

bruce said...

cheers for letting me know, upload soon