Tuesday, January 29, 2008

City Kids - Orphans

from paolo in Italy a French band ‘City Kids’

As you would expect there’s not a lot of information of a French band on English ‘goggle search’. What I can tell you is that Rob Younger of ‘Radio Birdman’ fame produced this album. Rob was also ‘house producer’ at ‘Citadel Records’. Amongst the many great bands he has produced is ‘Died Pretty’. For me that alone warrants a listen…. so what do they sound like?

So if I’m going to give an opinion I need to compare their sound with Australian music. Well there are definitely not ‘Birdman’ or ‘Died Pretty’ closer to ‘The Party Boys’ or ‘The Angels”. In Australia the average punter would put them under a ‘westie pub band’. Now I’m sure you’re more confused than ever!!!! In Australian terms a ‘down the road rock and roll band’. Have a listen make up your own mind.

ps. the lyrics are in English

ie. ‘punter’ means a ‘customer’ in Australian slang

‘westie’ means ‘Someone from Sydney's or Brisbane’s Western Suburbs’.

Again cheers to Paolo.

Disc 1


Disc 2.


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Anonymous said...

Recorded by Rob Youngerand Alan Thorne at Emme studio, Firenze Italia.
Mixed and Produced by Rob Youngerand Alan Thorne at the Caroline Studio, August 1986


alan thorne not unkown for fabulous aussie sound
thanks for your blog
all the bests