Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Chocolate Watchband - Best of

The Chocolate Watchband, a garage rock-band formed in Cupertino, California in 1965. The band broke apart by 1967. The band's music was largely garage rock with psychedelic influences. Ed Cobb was their manager.

Founding members were Mark Loomis (guitar), Danny Phay (vocals), Jo Kemling (Vox organ), Gary Andrijasevich (drums), Rich Young (bass), and Ned Torney (guitar). The group evolved over 1965 and 1966, and the Chocolate Watchband that most fans know was Mark Loomis, lead guitar and keyboards, Gary Andrijasevich, drums, Sean Tolby, rhythm guitar, Bill 'Flo' Flores, bass and Dave Aguilar, lead vocals and harmonica. They appeared in the 1967 film Riot on Sunset Strip.

The band was involved with disputes with their manager Ed Cobb, because they were presented as being more psychedelic on record than they were live due to Cobb's innovative production methods. In addition, Cobb was accused of recording parts of the Watchband's albums without them. They also recorded a Cobb tune already done by the Standells, 'Medication' (on 'The Inner Mystique').

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