Monday, June 16, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

Greetings to ALL

Firstly many thanks to ken, tricky, mel and cob for their contributions. Also to spike-x cheers for taking the time and contributing his thoughts.

The sole purpose of this blog is to share music. The essence of karma is the unconditional and selfless act of giving. I encourage all responses to what goes on in this blog whether they are complimentary or negative. I will also exhibit my right of reply.

I've had a couple of negative responses of late, from the 'e police' and the obligatory 'Anonymous' expressing their dislike for me 'leeching' and 'stealing' music...... all of the music on this blog can be readily found on countless sites across the net .... I see it as sharing, the giving without the expectation of reward. As far as the artists are concerned they receive a minuscule amount for each unit sold, the main financial gain for bands are merchandise sales and ticket sales for live shows ... blog spots are promoting their music to people who otherwise would never hear it.

Basically if you have a problem with this don't download the music, don't search blog sites .. that is the essence of 'freedom of choice' But personally I suggest YOU GET A LIFE. The world is full of negativity and selfishness, with the support of the people who contribute to this blog .... the journey continues.

I've also had skids over as ausrock telling me I should 'acknowledge' the original uploaders. Well mate I try to give everyone a mention.... but hey I'm not perfect..... sometimes I forget where the music comes from.... sometimes I just don't have the time .... to anyone I have omitted in recognising their contribution ..... please accept my sincerely apologies

Message to the maddies crew and any kind Samaritan'

I need some help...... been searching all week without much luck .... I'm after some music from 'The Waifs' found their new album ... but locked with a password...... also after anything by 'Motor Ace' and 'Alex Lloyd' ....... any help would be appreciated

thanking you

stay tuned got some music from 'Nick Drake' for all to enjoy ...... I'm in acoustic mode at the moment.

again cheers to all who have contributed

peace and love



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Anonymous said...

can anyone post some Rogerthat, I dig their music but it's quite hard to find outside of oz....cheers

Anonymous said...

just came across your great blog. any chance you could repost the REM fan club christmas album?

thanks in advance,

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce,

I just want to thank you so much. I had bought a copy of Nick Caves 'I had a dream, Joe' in the early 90's (The live Australian release) but over the course of a few years of parties had it stolen. I have looked around for this particular cd on and off for years but never found the live versions.
I had a Nick Cave music moment recently and thought I'd search around on the web and low and behold I come across you. Thank you so much for letting me get a fantastic piece of music/art that I had been missing for so long.









jonesy4567 said...

Hey loving this place, Any chance of re-upping Harem Scarems Pilgrims Progress? I'd love to listen to that again.

A>T said...

Bruce: I am so excited that I found Shower Scene From Psycho's "Cooking with George" on your fab blog. I had a precious red vinyl version of singles from the album- it was lost or stolen somewhere back in the mists of time. I cannot imagine how I would have ever been able to hear their version fabulous of "one" again without your help- keep it up.

Tristan said...

Hi Bruce,

I'll start off by saying thanks, i've grabbed a few things from your site already that I couldn't find elsewhere.

I'm currently trying to put together a compilation of all the songs from the triple j hottest 100s (especially the old ones, to remind me of all those great old songs I used to listen to in highschool). I'm currently stuck on number 72 of 1993. Baby by Barefoot. Not only does the file seem impossible to find, but I can't even seem to find any info about the band itself! according to the internet they don't even seem to exist!

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Roger McGuinn said...

Hi Bruce,
I write you from Argentina, great blog man! I enjoy very much the continental drifters, thanks to post "Vermilion" can you post any other album of this band?

Anonymous said...

I find your site and YOU the ultimate in hypocracy considering you live your life advocating hatred , selfishness , deception arrogance and self importance at the expense of everyone around you. Everything you have said about yourself is a lie. Tell your audience what kind of person you really are . 3 masters degrees ? You did not even finish high school. Teaching for 25 years ? You are a goose Bruce Speak another language ? You can barely speak English. Peace and love? You are the lowest form of life I have met who hates and tries to destroy everyone around you. I am so happy I dont have to work with you anymore.
You are just a washed up junky drug dealer who is obviously dillusional and frug ducked
Please start telling the truth for once in your life.
Please stay away from Brisy and keep your filthy hands off my children.

Kate said...

Thankyou very much for this great blog. I've been trying to get a hold of The Audrey's You & Steve McQueen Limited Edition EP, but the Rapidshare file below has been deleted. Could you please re upload it?

barkingdog said...


Don't know if you're still looking for "The Waifs", but anyway here's a link to three albums -

Cheers...the dog!

Anonymous said...

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John Daly said...

Howdy, some strange comments, esp. about music 'stealing'.
I am 44 years old, I bought the records, and updated to CD's, on some occations LP's and CD's were hard to obtain and if they were rare they were pricey. If they were obscure they were even harder to find, and more expensive, [I found a lot of oddities in 2nd hand shops], and up until a few years ago pawn shops still took Cd's which mean't they were worth stealing, they dont now [in aust]. I have no problem in downloading old records which when they were hits made the artists money,or obscure records, ie hard to find. At my age I am still buying Cd's online and at shops, my parents stopped/rarely were buying records in their late 20's. The CD and Record market is at least 60 percent greater than it was in my parents day. With reissues etc and the boomer generation reflecting, it aint gonna stop. Artists AINT starving. As for independent limited releases by the artists, they are called collectors items, 500 copies???? you want an audiance, print more, fuckers!!!!

So dudes, buy if you like, download if you cant find.
This is a cool blog, music is life, enjoy, but yeah think about the NEW artists making it, and their income.

PS whats the take on buying 2nd hand stuff from ebay and other websites, no royalties are being paid their???? THINK ABOUT IT

John Daly said...


Mp3's are shit quality any way, I only download them for my MP3 player if I want quality I buy the CD, [or mp3s to replace old stuff] if I wanna pogo/dance around the loungeroom I gotta have the good stuff so I buy the CD. I'm still buying loads of CD's Mr. Anonymous, and have to buy a new Cd tower to fit them [ie take them off the floor]. I dont think that I'm alone in that feeling. xxx

John Daly said...

howdy, love you to re-load Happy mondays pill'n'thrills and VU live 1969.


Anonymous said...

Although it looks ike it's history ... it's a very fine blog. Just discovered it and have been happy to check out some 'new' music ... also good to see some early Screaming Trees records on there.

Be good to see the site updated, as it highlights music to those who otherwise would not have picked it up!

Filtch said...

Please don't download music (especially The Bats music) for free. It cost bugger all to share in the cost of recording and supporting the band in their creative career through buying their songs or albums. Go to to find out other ways to get good quality legitimate copies of their music where you become partners with the band and you don't live with the guilt of filtching it.

Filtch said...

Please don't download music (especially The Bats music) for free. It cost bugger all to share in the cost of recording and supporting the band in their creative career through buying their songs or albums. Go to to find out other ways to get good quality legitimate copies of their music where you become partners with the band and you don't live with the guilt of filtching it.

Anonymous said...

G,day Bruce & co. I too would like to thank you for this blog. I have been able to replace some music i have paid for(some more than once) and lost or damaged, and have been unable to buy again or borrow or steal. Also getting some in digital form that i have on vinyl and tape, thereby saving me the hassle of converting so cheers. One i'd really like to replace is The Models - Pleasure of your Company, but the link seems dead. Any chance of a re up? Or someone else posting again? Thanks again & in advance, Trigga.

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Anonymous said...

The link for the Lighthouse Keepers Disc 1 doesn't work. Any chance of fixing it?

Excellent Blog!

Anonymous said...

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Adi said...

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rudny said...

i need the key to unzip DIORAMA!

please answer me!

Anonymous said...

ANy chance for a re-up of The SPORTS - DEFINITIVE COLLECTION?
Thanks for sharing the great music with us

bradleyjdor said...

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montysmusic said...

waifs download links

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing site! Sadly, disc 2 of The Clouds' Pre-Raphaelite is broken. Here's the link you posted:

If there's any way it can be re-uploaded, that'd be awesome. I bought the remastered Penny Century with it, but lost it about a decade ago!

オテモヤン said...


Anonymous said...


Vainini said...

great music

I wanted to tell you if you have the link to download the Porcelain Bus "Sacred Relics"

love and peace

alex said...

it always makes me sad to see old, dead blogs. thank you for some amazing uploads, though, if you're out there..... :(

Zer0_II said...

Please let me know if you ever decide to return. I would be willing to re-add your blog to the Digital Meltd0wn Music Blogroll/Aggregator @

P.S. Stop by my regular music blog some time @

Davros said...

Howdy, I have jusr discovered your blog and I say to keep up the good work. music sharing is one of the many joys of my life. I'll be popping in and around to see what is going on, thanks again!

bernadene said...

Hi there! What a great blog with a great philosophy! I was wondering you would be able to help me out with Jeff Buckley's "Mystery White Boy"...I am looking for a version that includes the bonus Australian disc which has 3 extra songs. Any help would be great! Thanks so so much!

Emy said...

I don't know if you still even read this, but I was looking for Red Jezebel's Revelations album, if you have it available still... (the link doesn't work anymore). Thanks.

Sean Mehmet said...

G'day Bruce!,

And, "konichiwa" all the way from the snow-capped summits of lovely Nagano, Japan! Well, with absolutely no hyperbole at all, Bruce, I'm totally, head over heels, infatuated with your blog here. Although, truth be told, I'm not quite sure if you're still doing it as of mid-January, (JANUARY 15th) 2011.

If by any chance my luck hasn't completely run out yet, and you do happen to read this here little missive, then I'd absolutely love to discuss the possibility of arranging a "Dropbox" (or, any other kind of) swap for The Triffids' Dungeon Tapes and Son Of The Dungeon Tapes. I've got some Damien Lovelock stuff, as well as some unreleased Celibate Rifles stuff that I'm sure you wouldn't mind listening to. Ditto for Nick cave, Mick Harvey, Warren Ellis/The Dirty 3.

Much Respect From Ole' Nippon,
Sean Mehmet.

a horde of rand said...

Hiya, Bruce. Glad to see a Supergrass fan. I have, if you like, the Demos and only ep from before they were Supergrass and were going by the name The Jennifers. Would you like them?

bevington said...

I have got some Motor Ace, including b-sides.

maddie0147 said...

Hi, Nice post thanks for sharing. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



Anonymous said...

miss you!

Anonymous said...

Time to reup everything! :-)
we miss you..

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