Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blackeyed Susans - Black Sun & Hard Liquor Soft Music

What we have here are some very early cassette releases with David McComb singing. Good quality sound and great songs. Sorry no art work..... if you know where I can retrieve please let me know.... iTunes has a blank space.

The original line-up consisted of David McComb on vocals and guitar, Alsy MacDonald on drums (both of whom had been members of The Triffids), Phil Kakulas on bass guitar (an ex-member of Martha's Vineyard), Rob Snarski (ex-Chad's Tree) on vocals and guitar, and Ross Bolleter on organ and accordion.

They played eight gigs and recorded four songs before their 'day jobs' forced them to put the project on hold. The songs became their first EP, Some Births are Worse than Murders, released in 1990 on Waterfront Records. The record spent several weeks at number one on the independent charts in Australia.

By the time the EP was released the band had already undergone several incarnations. Not everyone took their holidays at the same time, so a floating lineup became an integral part of the band's character and appeal. Phil Kakulas left for Sydney with Martha's Vineyard . He was replaced by Martyn Casey (The Triffids). Ross Bolleter went to work in Japan, making his fortune playing piano in cocktail bars and restaurants. He was replaced by Adrian Wood. David McComb was present in the second lineup in 1989 before departing for England. He was replaced by Kim Salmon (The Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon, Kim Salmon and the Surrealists) on guitar and vocals in the summer of 1990. Martyn Casey departed shortly after to join Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Black Sun

This is Hard Liquor, Soft Music, a cassette album

Bird On A Wire (Cohen) – 04:10
Summer Leaves (Kelly) – 03:30
Life Has Its Little Ups And Downs (Rich) – 03:32
Lost Highway (Payne) – 03:10
Trouble (Kakulas/Rollinson) – 03:29
20/20 Vision (Allison/Estes) – 03:21
Happiness (Appel) – 03:40
Lonesome Town (Knight) – 03:23
Delta Dawn (Collins/Harvey) – 02:45
Ocean Of You (McComb) – 03:23
One Day At A Time – 02:41
In The Pines (McComb) – 03:06


bikeboy said...

Great stuff. When & where were they recorded?

hiimpact said...

Amazing album. Is there any artwork for this?