Sunday, December 16, 2007

Various Artists - The Slab Brissy

Australian slang “slab” a box of 24 stubbies (bottles) or tinnies (cans) of beer, wrapped in an inviting cardboard exterior, designed to fit comfortably on one’s shoulder

Going to do something different, from time to time I’ll pick a theme for the music and compile a slab (24 songs) of entertainment. For my first offering enjoy Slab Brissy, songs from bands that have a connection to my home city of Brisbane, Australia. These tracks cover music from the Early 80’s The Saints, Go Betweens, John Kennedy through the 90’s The Cruel Sea, You am I into the new decade, Powderfinger. I have full albums from all these artists, so if want the full menu drop me a line and I’ll upload for you. Enjoy

Set List

Slab Brissy 1

1. The Go-Betweens - Cattle and Cane

2. The Cruel Sea - This Is Not the Way Home

3. Boys Next Door – Shivers

4. The Screaming Tribesmen – Igloo

5. Died Pretty - Next To Nothing

6. Ed Kuepper - Black Ticket Day

7. Hoodoo Gurus – Bittersweet

8. Powderfinger - Whatever Makes You Happy

9. Presedents 11- Summer Vacation

10. Ratcat - That Aint Bad

12. The Riptides - Hearts And Flowers

Slab Brissy 2

1. JFK & The Cuban Crisis -The Ballad Of Jackie O

2. Beasts of Bourbon - Chase the Drago

3. Powderfinger - Lost And Running

4. The Riptides -Tomorrow's Tears

5. The Saints - Brisbane (Security City)

6. The Saints - Let’s Pretend

7. The Hitmen - Shake Some Action

8. The Go Betweens - Streets of Your Town

9. John Kennedy -Big Country

10. Tim Rodgers and Tex Perkins - Semi Auto-Duo-Bio

11. Ups & Downs -Solitary Man

12. Ups & Downs -The Living Kind

13. You Am I - Berlin Chair


Peter said...

great mix of songs...I have a question what do the Boys next door, ratcat, and you am I have to do with Brisbane, I get the connection with the rest of 'em

bruce said...

To Peter from Bruce

Ratcat- Marc Scully , the 2nd bass player also played with the Lemonheads, Evan Dando the singer lived in a house a shared in Brisbane for a while

Boys Next Door - Tony Cohen the producer lived in Brisbane

You Am I - Tim Rodgers did a record with Tex Perkins

a little obscure I agree !!!
Hope you enjoy the posts stay tuned for more
cheers bruce