Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Triffids - Calenture

Big Thank You to Peter at C-60 Low Noise for this

The Triffids began in Perth, Western Australia in the late 1970s, partly in response to the punk rock movement. In 1976, David McComb and Allan 'Alsy' MacDonald wrote and performed songs with Phil Kakulas (currently in Blackeyed Susans), Andrew McGowan, Julian Douglas-Smith, and later Byron Sinclair, Will Akers and Margaret Gillard. Originally called Dalsy, they soon became known as Blök Music, Logic (for a day) and then The Triffids, (taking their name from the post-apocalyptic novel The Day of the Triffids). Writing in his diary as a teenager, David McComb traced the band's emergence in Perth:

"On the night of November 27, 1976, a tape was made by Alsy MacDonald, playing a single toy drum, and Dave McComb playing acoustic guitar. The multimedia group 'Dalsy' had come into being. Dalsy went on to make several remarkable tapes (mainly of original material): The Loft Tapes, Rock 'n' Roll Accountancy, Live at Ding Dongs, Bored Kids, Domestic Cosmos, People Are Strange Dalsy Are Stranger, Steve's and the seminal punk work, Pale Horse Have a Fit.… Dalsy did paintings, sculptures and poetry, and wrote a book named "Lunch". They were tinny and quirky, obsessive and manic, versatile and productive. They were also immensely unpopular.... The members of Dalsy grew to hate their audience. They still do, and this hate is an integral part of their music. Dalsy split up towards the end of 1977…. They launched into 1978 as Blok Musik, with their famous Blok Musik tape.… In April they played at the Leederville Town Hall Punk Fest, alongside Perth's punk rock contingent but, as usual, no one danced. After that they went home and metamorphosised into Logic. Within a day they changed their minds, and metamorphosised into the Triffids.

Considered by most Triffids fans to be the act's crowning achievement, 1987's CALENTURE sees the beloved, but woefully underexposed, Australian rock band trading in the charmingly ramshackle aesthetic of IN THE PINES for a brighter, fuller sound. A testament to the late singer-songwriter Dave McComb's ability to pen remarkably affecting and catchy tunes, CALENTURE is best embodied by "A Trick of the Light," a shimmering, synth-laden study in pop perfection.

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