Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Stems - Mushroom Soup, The Citadel Years

A greatest hits compilation, 18 tracks all their hits…… I play this a lot.


Glenn said...

Just discovered your great blog. I live in the U.S. and have a similar bachground, I guess; child of sixties, garage band. I've long been a fan of Oz and Kiwi music and have some Stems on vinyl. Could you re-upload this?
Also. I wonder if you might have something with the title track "Creatures Of Leisure"-Mental As Anything? It's a slowed-down version with sound effects-lawn mower, summer insects, opening a can of beer, etc. I don't think it was on the original release; but was on the U.S. release. I'm afraid it didn't survive a party.
Thanks for all the wonderful tunes.

Syd said...

hey rawker..I couldnt dowload this file, can you help me, all the best, Syd,,Montevideo,Uruguay

smithy57 said...

yes, link is still down