Monday, December 17, 2007

Sleepy Jackson - Lovers

Recorder 2003......Spaced-out pop maestro; blue-eyeliner wearing rock roll genius; Australia’s answer to Brian Wilson - Luke Steele - aka The Sleepy Jackson - has already been called all these things and more. No wonder he lives in the most isolated city on Earth. Anywhere else, with all these critical garlands, he could end up suffocating. I like the peace and quiet which comes with living in Perth laughs Luke down a late night phone line. It suits me. There’s lots of space, there’s no one around. I can walk down the main road and feel like Im a professor. Then I can go back to my laboratory and conjure up some more potions....

A perfectly formed set seemingly beamed in from a starry-eyed parallel universe it boasted everything from sublime acid-country (superlative single Good Dancers) to Who-like power pop (Vampire Racecourse) it prompted a landslide of feverish reviews. Mojo called it a deliciously skewed debut; Uncut a star-crossed triumph and NME a kaleidoscopic masterpiece. It is perhaps best described by Luke himself, as simply my attempt at a perfect pop album. This is one seriously good album.

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A Dashing Blade said...

Top post, been after some of this lot since catching them supporting someone or other down the Electric Ballroom a few years ago.