Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sick Puppies - Dressed Up As Life

Sick Puppies are a rock band from Sydney, Australia. The band was formed by singer/lead guitarist Shimon Moore and bassist Emma Anzai in the music room of Mosman High School in 1997, where the two connected because of their shared love for Silverchair. Initially with Shimon on drums and Emma on guitars, the duo would frequently meet up to play Green Day, Rage Against the Machine and Silverchair songs and eventually felt compelled to write their own songs. Soon, Chris Mileski was added to the band to fill in on drums.

Sick Puppies started attracting national attention when their song "Nothing Really Matters" won Triple J's Unearthed in 2000. Later that year, they released their debut album called Welcome to the Real World and were voted for "Best Live Performance" at a rock festival in Sydney. This album was initially supposed to feature a humorous cover version of Destiny's Child's hit single "Say My Name", performed in a post grunge/nu metal style, however the song was not included due to the threat of a lawsuit by Destiny's Child's record label. The band received a very large amount of exposure for the song "All the Same" which is the theme for Juan Mann's Free Hugs Campaign video on YouTube, although it also has its own video. Sick Puppies garnered international attention, making their 2007 album, DRESSED UP AS LIFE, a surprise hit. Formed in Sydney, Australia, the Los Angeles transplants, fronted by vocalist/guitarist Shimon Moore, offer up songs on the heavy end of post-grunge alternative rock.