Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Screaming Tribesmen - Collection

The Screaming Tribesmen was a band formed in Brisbane by Mick Medew, John Hartley & Murray Shepherd. They took the Australian independent scene by storm with a series of singles on Citadel Records. Their earliest hit "Igloo" was penned by Medew and Died Pretty front man Ron Peno.

After relocation to Sydney, and a number of line-up changes the band settled on its most successful lineup of Medew, ex-Radio Birdman & The Hitmen guitarist Chris Masuak, bass player Bob Wackley & drummer Warwick Fraser (ex-Feather & Hoi Polloi) who replaced Michael Charles after the recording of the "Date With A Vampire" EP.

The "Vampire" EP reigned at the top of the Australian independent charts for over 40 weeks, while the band toured constantly in support. The follow up "Top of the Town" EP released on the boutique Rattlesnake Records label saw a change in direction for the band as it morphed into the sound of their first full length release "Bones and Flowers".

On this file you will find All Hail LP, Igloo single, A Stand Alone single, Got You on My Mind single, Top of Town single



Hank said...

Yes, another fave from the swingin' 80's! This is cool, very handy collection. Thanks!

Here is the Melt album by Straitjacket Fits:


Since I'm on a Mac, it's a Zip file. Hope you're OK with that. I guess there must be some app for Macs that can make rar files, but so far I haven't found any.

Spike-X said...

This one isn't on the server any more. Any chance of a re-upload, please?