Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Screaming Blus Messiahs - The John Peel Sessions

For the unconverted, the Messiahs in their prime were an unholy amalgam of blues, punk, country, and rockabilly. The foundation was the muscular rhythm section of Kenny Harris (drums) and Chris Thompson (bass). On top of this rode Bill Carter's stream-of-consciousness vocals and stuttering, howling guitar.

They were a dangerous, unpredictable band, driven by an obsession with cars, religion and Americana. Their view of the US was filtered through the dark lens of Thatcher's Britain, and the music was powerful and always seemingly on the brink of madness with Carter's borderline insane vocal improvs.

The Peel Sessions
Strange Fruit (SFPS 003), 1986

Side One
1. Good and Gone 2. Someone To Talk To
Side Two
1. Tracking The Dog 2. Let's Go Down To The Woods and Pray

All tracks written by Bill Carter
Produced by Mark Radcliffe
Recorded 24th July 1984. First Broadcast 2nd August 1984

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Hank said...

A monster of a band! The Twilight Zone blog has a bunch of Blue Messiahs stuff.