Monday, December 31, 2007

Ratcat - Blind Love

Only saw these guys play once, support to The Cult at East Leagues Club. Was never a great fan BUT ‘That Ain’t Bad’ is a classic Oz single. If you never heard this song get the album, you will have the tune in your head for days.

Ratcat formed in 1986 in Sydney, and were a mainstay of that city's live music scene until they were eventually signed to Waterfront Records, where they released a self-titled EP, several singles ("I Think I Love You", "Baby's Got A Gun"), and their debut album, This Nightmare in 1989. Another EP, Killing Joke, and another single, "Saying Goodbye" followed.

In 1990, the band signed to the rooArt label. Their first release for their new label was a 6-track EP called Tingles. A combination of budget pricing and catchy A-side "That Aint Bad" saw the Tingles EP reach #1 on ARIA's alternative charts, and shortly afterwards, the top of the Australian national chart. The band's subsequent album, Blind Love, and the singles "Don't Go Now" both reached #1.