Friday, December 21, 2007

Olympic Sideburns - Olympic Sideburns

Sort of an Australian ‘Super Group’ of alternative artists of the 80’s. A revolving door policy with band members,
check out the whos who below. Released 4 albums between 1963 and 1987, shared an album with The Corpsegrinders: in 1988.
Standout track ‘Have Love will Travel’.
Garage indi 80’s rock at its best.

Allen Lindy (b) 1983 Whittle Family, Flirts, Agents, Dust On The Bible

Brooker Alan (b) 1988 Clear Cut, The Cruel Poddies, Paul Kelly and The Dots, Little Murders, The Zimmermen

Brophy Philip (d) 1985 Tch Tch Tch, Dave and Phil Duo, Hot Half Hour, Cut Slash Kill, Collossus

Bryant Paul (b) 1983-1988 Corporate Body, Odious Comparison

Byron Jex (v) 1983-1988 Two Dollar Fifty, Kaos, Barry and The Real Time, The Glamstars, Dirt

Frawley Maurice (g) 1983-1986

Hill Ian (k) 1983-1984 The Fizztops, Crackajacks, Bo Weevils, Sunset Strip

Holmes Michael (g) 1987 The Negatives, Eric Gradman's Man and Machine, The Romantics, Squeaky Girls, Paul Kelly and The Dots, The Zimmermen, Fatal Attraction, Dirt, Songs Of Exiles

Jones Spencer P. (g) 1983 – Beast of Burbon, johnnys

Meo Charles (d) 1983-1984 Ears, Dresden War Crimes, Dorian Gray

McAlpine Calum (d) 1985- Chosen Few, Bohdan and The Instigators, Dirt, Clip Clop Club

McEwan Tom (d) 1983 No Nonsense, Famous Flames

Molletta Maurice (d) 1984-1985 Ku Klux Frankenstein

Williams Jimmy (org) 1983 Ramm, Hot Cottage, Japanese Comix, A Howling Life

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