Sunday, December 23, 2007

New stuff from back home. The new wonder kids on the block British India (why boys). Much in the vein of the Arctic Monkeys that ‘new indi rock sound’. 20 years ago I would have loved this. It sounds good just a little one dimensional, small tempo throughout, small vocal tones. They sound English… Beasts, Jet, even The Vines have an Australian sound. As they say in say in Thailand ‘lao ta kun’ up to you.

British India is an alternative rock band based in Melbourne, Australia. The band is comprised of Declan Melia (vocals), Nic Wilson (guitar), Will Drummond (bass) and Dougy (Real name Matt O'Gorman) (drums).

The band is notable for their single "Tie Up My Hands", taking the number one spot in the jtv music television programme, with their debut album Guillotine produced by Harry Vanda. Guillotine was also nominated for Triple J's J Award in 2007 and in December of that year British India won the AIR Award for 'Best New Independent Artist'.


skids said...

ritish India is one the the best new bands going around ;-D

bruce said...

Hi skids, as I said they sounded good, I'm just getting older... everyone reverts back to their youth for their favourite music. That's what is so cool about music, so many different styles for so many different tastes.Meant do disrespect.
cheers mate