Friday, December 28, 2007

Mutton Birds - B-Sides & RaritiesVolumes 1 & 2

I found these last night, you must listen to these records. 'Anchor Me' two versions , 'Pulled Along By Love' two versions .... you won't be disappointed. I keep coming back to edit this post, their cover of 'Don't Fear The Reaper' Blue Oyster Cult...... outstanding.....this new favourite record

A note from Don - The name 'B-Sides & Rarities' is a little misleading for this collection as it's all live (mostly audience) recordings, never officially released. (Volume 3 coming later, sorry busy). All the available studio recordings were gathered together for the first two volumes of this series. This one does however feature some hard to find tracks, such as Come Sunday, Stay Hungry and Helicopter Pilot, Don's recent live recording of Queen's English with the Auckland Chamber Orchestra, the first ever public airing of Green Lantern (recorded at the 12 Bar Club in Feb '98), and some audio from live TV performances. The rest are mainly personal choices of particularly good live performances, some of which I've tweaked and removed some back-ground hiss from.

-Sides & Rarities Volume 1

1-2 from NZ 'The Mutton Birds' album
3-4 from NZ 'Nature' single
5 from NZ 'Anchor Me' single
6 from NZ 'The Heater' single
7 from UK 'Anchor Me' single
8 from NZ 'Solid Pyrite Hits' compilation
9-15 from NZ-only 'Envy Of Angels' bonus disc
16-17 from NZ 'Come Around' single

B-Sides & Rarities Volume 2

01 from UK 'Come Around' single
02 from Aus 'Don't Fear The Reaper' single
3-4 out-takes from 'Envy Of Angels' sessions
5-6 from UK 'Pulled Along By Love' single
7-9 from UK 'AsCloseAsThis' single
10 from NZ 'The Underwater Melon Man' soundtrack album
11-12 from Don McGlashan's 'Instrumental Music' CD sampler
13-16 from BBC GLR Sessions (26th Jan 1998)
17-18 from BBC GLR Sessions (5th Feb 1999)


Powerpop Forever said...

Please, can you re-upload the vol.1 and vol.2 of Mutton Birds "B-Sides"? The links for download from mediafire don't work.
Thanks for all (music and blog)

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