Sunday, December 23, 2007

Midnight Oil - Head Injuries

The Oils, as they are known to their fans, began as a progressive rock band called Farm in the early 1970s. After changing their name to Midnight Oil, their style also quickly changed, the group developing an aggressive, punk - hard rock sound associated with the Sydney surfer community. Two of their early fan bases were the Sydney northern beaches pub The Royal Antler at Narrabeen and the Bondi Lifesaver club near Sydney's Bondi Beach.

One of Australia’s all time legendary bands. Packed with energetic powerful rock riffs and thought provoking lyrics. The oils don't disappoint with this one!!!


mialee said...

Who wants the hear a different version of this great album. I've asked for a few requests so its only fitting I give in return.
Here for you pleasure the demo recordings of Head Injuries.


bruce said...

cheers mialee, we are looking for your songs, not easy to find

stay tuned cheers b