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Spy vs Spy is an Australian rock band from Sydney formed in 1981. Also known as V.Spy V.Spy and Spy V Spy. Managed by Gary Morris of Midnight Oil fame, the Spies created an unique sound based around Craig Bloxom's driving bass, Michael Weiley on guitar & Cliff Grigg on percussion. Three piece bands often fight to achieve prominence, in the Spies case this was achieved by ear bleeding sound levels coupled with anthemic lyrics and Bloxom and Wieley's alternating vocals. Harry's Reasons to Trash the Planet mark the high point of Aussie Pub Rock, possibly destroyed by aggressive anti drink driving campaigns of the era. The death of Australian pub-culture may also have been due to the aggressive pursuit by government and other private interests, of the gambling dollar where many pubs were converted into 'pokie-machine venues. The band began a successful series of tours to Brasil in the mid-nineties and continues to influence Australian Rock from there. Due to copyright conflicts in the US with the [Spy vs. Spy a popular comic], Spy vs Spy was forced to change their name to [vSpy vSpy]. The band is popularly known as "the Spies", and is one of the most important rock bands to come out of Sydney. In 2007 there are currently some of the former band members who are touring as Spy - Spy and performing all of the classic hits.

  • Do What You Say (EP), 1982
  • Four Fresh Lemons (EP), 1983
  • Six Fresh Lemons (EP), 1983
  • Meet Us Inside (EP), 1984
  • Harry's Reasons (LP), 1986
  • A. O. Mod TV Vers (LP), 1987
  • Xenophobia [Why?] (LP), 1988
  • Adults Only Modified Version (LP) ****
  • Trash The Planet (LP), 1989
  • Spy File - The Best Of (LP), 1991
  • Fossil (LP), 1994
  • Because Bootlegger (EP), 1994
  • The Early Cases (LP), 1999 Brasil
  • Mugshot: The Best Of, (LP) 1999
  • Mugshots, (LP) 2000 Brasil
  • Meet Us Alive, (LP) 2001 Brasil

The Early Cases

Adults Only Modified


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