Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lighthouse Keepers - The Lipsnipegroin

The Lighthouse Keepers' tasteful, jangly brand of country-tinged folk rock was at odds with prevailing trends on Sydney's early 1980s, Detroit-besotted independent scene. The band nevertheless issued a number of albums and singles, and always lived up to audience expectations.

Sydney independent label Hot reissued The Lighthouse Keepers' 'Gargoyle' single (August 1984), as well as putting out the band's full-length debut album Tales of the Unexpected (November). 'Ocean Liner'/'Sad Tale' was lifted as a single (November). Hot issued a third single, 'Ode to Nothing'/'Seven Years', in August 1985, and the band flew to the UK for a series of shows (including supporting fellow Australians The Triffids in London).

The Lighthouse Keepers broke up in early 1986. As a farewell gesture, the band compiled the 'Gargoyle' and 'Ode to Nothing' singles, the Exploding mini-album and two previously unissued tracks, 'Mr Wicked' and 'Lair', on the album Imploding (November 1986). Greg Appel and Juliet Ward went on to The Rainlovers, which becameThe Widdershins; Dalton joined The Honeys; O'Neil joined The Cannanes.

The compilation CD, Lipsnipegroin was released in 1992, six years after the band's break-up. Do yourself a favour and check out this record 'Ocean Liner' and 'Gargoyle' are classics.

Disc 1

Disc 2


skids said...

Hello, alot of these look familiar ;-D , how about linking me up?

bruce said...

Ausrook is a great site, I frsquent regularly, all linked up... can you return the favour.... hope I have something of intrest for you

cheers bruce

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting the lighthouse keepers. I've been trying to find a copy of this for over ten years. "Gargoyle" is a stone classic!


Mario said...

this link doesn't work

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do you love Aussie music . . . . mad parade is the most satisfying place to go.

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kelvin1962 said...

Just grab it from here

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The Boy and the Cloud said...


the link to the first part is dead tho :(



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Matthew Masterton said...

Hi there, I'd love for a reup of this if you get the change, thanks a heap!